2019, Rye Neck Booster Club

The Rye Neck Booster Club is about Community, Spirit and our Children! We are a volunteer organization that strives to build school spirit by supporting the athletic, musical and other programs at Rye Neck.  These programs are the face of our Rye Neck community, representing a strong tradition of excellence.

2019/20 Meetings:

September 24

January 13

April 20

June 2

Held in the Community Room

MSHS Library at 7:00 p.m. 

All are welcome to share ideas as to how to best support the students at Rye Neck.


President - Theresa Spencer,  theresabspencer@hotmail.com

VP - Treasurer, Suzanne Chamberlain, suzchamb@gmail.com

VP - Spirit Wear, Jocelyn Donat,  Ryeneckspiritwear@gmail.com

VP  - Alison Heaton, alisonheaton@msn.com 

VP  - Sally Morningstar, sallyamstar@aol.com

VP - Wendy Williams, wendywallis@wallisdesigns.com

Advisor - Julie Ianello, jianello@ryeneck.org